Saturday, October 16, 2010


This was my first time in France. It was nice to finally be in the famous city of Paris. The city of hearts and love and mushiness. I liked the city fine, but it did not impact me on any romantic level. Our exposure to the city was positive because we had Catherine as a host and tour guide. We rode around the city on the Velib (public bike service). We saw everything we needed to see from the point of view of those bicycles.

We stayed in the apartment of Catherine's sister, where we enjoyed preparing meals. Catherine cooked us a delicious quiche and we couldn't have been happier.

Paris was where all of my travel companions left me on my own. I held back the tears as Will and Tasha rode off in a train to catch their flight home.

This was the moment where the reality of my travel plans finally struck me. This was going to be a time of loneliness.

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Lucy said...

That makes me want to cry a little. I'm sorry you were lonely. No romance, huh? Don't you think it would have been romantic if you had someone of interest there, though?