Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 15, 2010 - Wednesday - Vienna

We spent this day walking around the area that surrounded our hostel. We enjoyed the quiet shade of the woods and the beautiful views that it offered of the city. We were able to finish a load of laundry at the hostel which was a major relief. We spent time napping on the lawn near the vineyards and later we patronized a restaurant a ten-minute walk from there. We each enjoyed a large platter of wiener schnitzel accompanied by cranberry sauce, lemon wedges, potato salad, and green salad. A magnificent meal.

I was sad to leave this comfortable place that evening to board another night train. This time, the night train left at 10:30pm. We shared the cabin with three Swiss math nerds who were on their way back from a week-long math nerd competition in Slovakia. We had a good time talking to them for a bit before we went to sleep.

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debby said...

i love that you met math nerds along your journey. i have had so much fun reading these. i have to keep myself from eating them all in one sitting or i will be up far too late. i will have to pick it up in the morning. great writing - looking forward to more.