Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 8, 2010 - Wednesday - Amsterdam

Adam and I met in the StayOkay hostel near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam in the early evening. Adam arrived earlier than me by a few hours because of train delays from my origin point of Nantes, France. The weather that evening oscillated between between sunny and rainy every half hour. We stowed our belonging in the eight-cot dorm room and we hit the streets in search of free internet and affordable food. We stopped at a bar that advertised free internet, but our iPhones could not connect to their network. For dinner we found a döner kebap restaurant that was airing a live match of the US Open. The döner was less impressive than what is found in Germany and Spain.

Still seeking free wi-fi, we returned to the same bar with MacBook in hand. This time, oddly, Adam’s iPhone was the only device that would connect with their network. He managed to communicate with his family through the Skype app on his phone.

Based on reports from our guidebooks, and my obsession with apple (food, this time) products, we tried the Dutch apple pie at the bar. It was less than impressive.

That night, we shared the dorm room with one Australian man who was in Europe for a friend’s wedding.

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