Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 20, 2010 - Monday - Nice/Milan

We spent the morning investigating the waterfront. We couldn’t resist the urge to get some pastries, plus we were just plain hungry.

Our interest in Nice was quickly quenched. We jumped on board the train moving northeast to Monaco. There we found a galette shop and had a nice little lunch. Monaco is a very pricey place. We recognized the area from its representation in films and video games.

Monte Carlo's train station is buried deep into the mountain where the city is nestled. The engineering that creates these cities is marvelous.

We arrived in Milan that night and found our hostel after a half-hour walk. That night we ate some delicious Italian pizza. The crust was thin and the toppings were fresh and perfect. For relatively inexpensive prices, we each ate a whole pizza.

That night I chatted with some fellow hostel guests. I was fortunate to meet two Danish fellows who offered me accommodation when I pass through their city in November. The stars are aligning in my favor!

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