Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mount Sinai

We arrived at St. Katherine’s and began our ascent to the top of Mount Sinai at midday. This trip is customarily made during the middle of the night for the sake of people who want to see the sunrise in the morning. In our case, the heat was intense and the sun was unforgiving. With little shade along the path and constant exposure to the sun, I would later suffer the effects of heat stroke. The views from the top of the mountain are impressive. From there you can see more mountains.

We descended using a different path built of stone steps. We were graced with rain for a few minutes during our descent. This was the first rain we had felt in months and it couldn’t have been more welcome.

My bunk-mate for the entirety of the trip was Andy Bolen. Our different natures compliment each other well, and we have fun with our similarities.

That night, my body effused the heat that I had absorbed during the day. I slept poorly.

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audrey said...

I did it in the middle of the night rather than during the day and it was much, much more pleasant. The views from the top are magnificent! Did you go see the rooms with the bones at St. Katherine's?