Saturday, October 16, 2010

September 9, 2010 - Thursday - Amsterdam

We missed the complimentary breakfast provided by our hostel and went out to find a good version of Dutch apple pie. We found some that was more impressive than the day before, but we were most impressed by the heavy whipped cream that came on the side.

We passed by the Rijkmuseum that was entirely shrouded in scaffolding and lead us to believe that it was closed. Even if it had been open, our budget would have prevented us from purchasing tickets to enter. We left such purchases for future visits to Holland.

Daunted by the high price of food we found a supermarket and purchased a fresh loaf of bread and a small wedge of camembert cheese. We were very satisfied.

We made our way through the bicycle traffic along the beautiful canal paths toward the Anne Frank Haus. We did not go inside.

From there we turned toward the heart of the city and made our way across the canals to reach the Red Light district. Along the way we noticed a memorial to homosexuality in the shape of a large triangle that juts out into one of the canals. It’s called the Homomonument and it commemorates gays and lesbians who have been subject to persecution because of their sexuality.

We passed various restaurants in search of lower prices and appetizing food. After several hours of indecision, we found a delightful hole-in-the-wall French fry stand along with a Chinese noodle shack that offered free wi-fi.

Later, we roamed the streets of the Red Light district full of wonder, dismay, and discouragement in humanity. We satisfied our discouragement with some more French fries.

We returned to our hostel to find the room full of American tourists and a young couple from Argentina. The Americans were a rowdy bunch.

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