Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coming soon: A Eurolog

I plan on posting a record of my travels through Europe. The three months in Cairo from April to August will not be covered by these posts. It should be sufficient to know that I passed my classes. The trip started as soon as I left Cairo with a group of BYU students. The rough plan for this blog is to post daily chronological segments so that whoever is reading this doesn't have to sludge through one large block of text.

This log will surely prove insufficient. There are stories that I am reserving to tell in person. I look forward to that.

Please feel free to skim. And if the reading gets boring, you can always enjoy the picture version of this account here.


debby said...

at last! can't wait to hear stories in person as well.

audrey said...

Even though I'm in Wendover, you had better save those stories in person for Joseph and I as well! We miss you and know that I am completely and utterly jealous.