Sunday, November 23, 2008


I went to see the pyramids with a young family in the branch. It was great fun. It certainly makes you feel small and inconsequential to be dwarfed by these structures. Despite a recent change in policy, the peddlers were still hard to avoid. The people I did talk to there were generally dishonorable. The peddlers claimed to agree on one price and then they would try to wrestle you out of more money. The security guards are all a joke - each of them conniving at us taking pictures or crossing cordons, while clearly expecting remuneration. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. At the risk of being just another stingy American, I just treat them all very brusquely and brush them off like pesky flies. What they don't realize is if they were more trustworthy they would better merit my patronage and my gratuity.

I've tagged some locations on a Google Map for you all to see. You can get a sense of where things are compared to where I live.

As always, photos of things are posted for your viewing pleasure.


MackAck said...

Oooooooooooh thanks for linking to the pics! Loved 'em.

Peddlers must be the most tenacious lot in that whole country. Oh well. Props to the Egyptian government for trying?

Sam Wiest said...

so the sphinx looks a lot smaller than I thought it would.

David said...

Yeah, well, last time it rained, they forgot to cover it with tarps... and you can imagine everbody's dismay.

lessdirtydirt said...

I agree, the sphinx does look smaller than I imagined. This is so cool im so glad you're getting this experience. Nice hat.

David said...

nice touch with the map, well done.