Friday, February 20, 2009

Return trip...

Hello again. This little post is just a bridge to the next post, so that there is some sense of narrative in the blog. I'm no longer in Egypt. I loved my last two months in Egypt. My quality of life increased ten-fold around the last handful of weeks. I spent a few days in Palestine/Israel and loved that.

I spent the holidays in Barcelona with some wonderful and gracious friends. It was refreshing to revisit the city I grew to know and love years ago. Barcelona will always be an important place for me. I'm counting this visit as my first time back. Many more to come.

And now I'm back in Orem! Hooray! I've done little more than read books, watch movies, and romp and caper with my cousins and friends. When possible I work my old painting job.

Ok, that's it really... this is just to bridge the gap between Egypt and the next post.... OSCARS! (after the jump)

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